Fingo quid novi is the gateway to an archive of my collected works, Something From Nothing,

There you can find:

  • A collection of some of the columns I wrote during my 25-year career at the Hamilton Journal-News.

  • Articles that helped me earn the distinction of the Ohio Associated Press’s Feature Writer of the Year (2011)

  • Humorous essays (see the section “Featherhead Revue”)

  • On-line exhibitions of work created in my second career as a painter

  • On-going collections of true crime short stories, both written and audio, and articles about the history of Hamilton and Cincinnati, my hometowns

  • A full-length true crime manuscript regarding one of the most heinous crimes in the history of murder

I still have a lot of material that is stored electronically in old computers and analog material waiting to be converted to digital, including more highlights from my career as an arts/entertainment/culture writer, at least two full-length plays and several one-acts that have never been produced or published, a collection of skits performed by the Something Fishy Theatre Company, a smattering of poetry I’ve written through the years, and stuff I’ve completely forgotten about. The only thing I don’t have is a complete novel, though I have several false starts and dozens of ideas. Maybe that should be a priority on my bucket list.

I have decided that this third quarter of my life, however long it lasts, now that I don’t have to scramble to earn a lving, is time for me to take stock and make a record of my work as I continue to examine my life and my world through visual arts and the on-going development of an autobiography. I am taking Samuel Clemmons’s approach to autobiography: There’s no way in hell I’m going to sit down and write it out chronologically, but I will write essays and remembrances as I’m inspired to do so and add them to the collection, and when I die, it will be finished even if not complete.

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